About Us

The main objective of Science Stoppers  is to provide quality education to aspiring students with commitment in every possible manner that helps them to achieve their career objective. The unique teaching methodology is designed in such a way that the aspirants are involved in study and practice sessions with an exam-oriented approach rather than just following the curriculum.Science Stoppers ensures that each and every session is conducted with utmost care, and every student who attends the classes learns the complete module with all possible techniques. The sole objective of each session is to extract the best out of students. The students also feel content about what they have learnt to perform better in various competitive examinations.

SCIENCE STOPPERS  does not wield a magic wand to make an aspirant achieve success overnight. In fact, it is the effective problem solving techniques and consistent question practice sessions that instill the required confidence in students aspiring for top engineering competitive exams. This confidence in turn improves the potential of students in solving problems while writing the real exam.

SCIENCE STOPPERS stands one step ahead than you in getting you achieve the best rank in JE and AE / PSU examinations, through providing all possible resources needed for the same.

  1. SCIENCE STOPPERS  provides all study material necessary that include comprehensive workbooks along with the question banks, which cover all questions possibly appeared in your question paper of the competitive examination.
  2. SCIENCE STOPPERS  provides the sources of learning and practicing the soft skills to the aspiring students, by conducting numerous test series and interviews.
  3. SCIENCE STOPPERS  provides the environment to explore the problem solving ability to the aspiring students, though our conventional questions practice program that would transition the minds of the aspirants towards the actual exam-frame of JE and AE/PSU .
  4. SCIENCE STOPPERS  provides the micro level teaching and training to become expert in the problem solving through explanation of micro level step by step process of solving the problems.


Practice Programs

The resource material is put into practice in the practice programs. These practice programs mould you to fit into the frame of the respective examination you appear for. The practice program is designed with three hours of practice session, followed doubt clearance session with personal guidance.

Test Series & Random Evaluation

After the practice programs, the aspirant is taken to the next level by assessing the preparedness. The preparedness of the aspirant is assessed through the test series as well as the mock tests. These tests and results help you to match yourself against the standards, nature and orientation of the examinations, like JE / AE /PSU GATE , etc. Every aspirant is taken personal care during the test series, as it is the key point to calibre every candidate against the standards expected by the examination boards. In addition to the regular test series, random evaluation of the aspirant is done through random evaluation technique to assess the coverage capacity of the syllabus. It helps evaluate the development of the student can be keenly monitored and assessed by the respective faculty.

Every stage and every level of learning is considered as key learning point and every aspect is considered to be fulfilled with great care and completeness.